Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Lady and Her Assassin- Angelique Voisen

New release by Angelique Voisen
Ray is a blind assassin sent to kill an influential noblewoman, but she realizes far too late that she’s beginning to fall in love with her target. Lady Valerie Sinclair dreads her upcoming wedding to a man she doesn’t love, so death’s timely arrival is just what she needs…or so she thinks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Under a Dom's Care - Sam Crescent

Happy Release Day Sam Crescent
Jake messed up and broke the rules at club, Extreme. He’s paid the price but the punishment still stands, and he cannot touch a sub within the club. One night out with his friend and he meets the raven haired beauty of his dreams.

Isabella is a librarian and a virgin. She’s tired of her friends nagging her and so, she sets out a plan. The first man to hold her interest is the man she’s going to lose her virginity to.

Big mistake!

No matter how much chemistry was between them, losing her cherry against a brick wall was not the stuff of fairytales. There was no way she’d be giving herself to a man any time soon.

However, Jake refuses to step down. He’s got a reputation to uphold and he refuses to let her go until he shows her what it really means to be under a Dom’s care.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Runaway Train- Sarah Cass

Happy Release Day Sarah Cass

Jane Spencer and Cole Mitchell are up to their eyeballs in chaos and denial. The Hangman’s Inn is facing trouble, and after a year of peace, they’re forced to face their own feelings about their future.

Jane is happy in her life with Cole. There’s no subterfuge to their feelings, even if she’s the only one that sees the real Cole. She’s knows his past influences his fear of marriage and family—but his constant waffling when others pressure him is getting on her last nerve.

Cole wants to take that leap, and a sudden change in The Hangman’s Inn ownership provides him the perfect opportunity, if it isn’t too late. Al Webb returns to town, and Cole is left wondering if he is out of time.
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