Monday, September 19, 2011

New Release September 19- Fated Mates by Marie Rose Dufour

~NEW RELEASE September 19~  

Fated Mate by Marie Rose Dufour

We know that we are no longer alone in the universe. Descendants of Earthly ancestors have returned to find the other halves of themselves, their destined mates.

Dragon, a scarred Serralian warrior drawn to the planet of his ancestors, never believed the Goddess had a mate for him but no matter what he believes, he’s unable to resist the pull of the planet deep

I am a huge sci-fi geek. Ever since Kyle Reese told Sarah Conner to "Come with me if you want to live.", I've been dreaming about love and sci-fi. I think when the idea for Fated Mates was born, I had just watched Stargate for the millionth time. I sat there after the movie and thought about what if an ancient race of people from another planet did visit primitive Earth but instead of kidnapping humans for slaves on another planet, they found out that they could become mated to them bound in this life and the next by a sacred ceremony.

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  1. I hope people enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it! ;)


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