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Chloe Waits got reviewed by the lovely ladies at Dark Divas Reviews for her SCP release, Irish Magic...
Photo: Got reviewed by the lovely ladies at Dark Diva Reviews for Irish Magic...four delightful divas! I am so happy! and you have a chance to win Irish Magic, FREE, for commenting:

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AJ’s Review:
"Irish Magic is the perfect title for this sexy, sensual read that encompasses engaging characters, witty banter, a bit of heartache, some very interesting Irish legends, and enough fairies’ magic to keep you panting for days because of the scorching hot love scenes.."

RATED: Four delightful divas!

And you have a chance to win Irish Magic, FREE, for commenting:
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~Chloe Waits
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Guest SCP author Flossie Benton Rogers

SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers

Prior to being cursed to roam the earth as a ghost, how does Ingvar, the hero of Wytchfae Runes, celebrate the winter solstice in ancient Norway?

The Norse Yule festival began on December 20 and lasted for twelve nights, through December 31. The people celebrated the return of light to the world after the longest night of the year, while the father god Odin led the wild hunt with his magnificent steed charging across the night sky.

As a boy Ingvar filled his boots with hay and sweets and stashed them beside the hearth, gifts for the horse, and if in a beneficent mood, powerful Odin might leave him a special treat in return. After becoming a man, Ingvar joined with the other adults in a joyous holiday feast, replete with ale and a wide variety of food, song, and merriment.

Read more about the ancient Norse Yule 

Wytchfae Runes

Blurb: Combine one faery witch and one sexy Viking ghost and what do you get? Supernova attraction. Can they evade their enemies long enough to fan the flame?

Opening Line: In a star’s blink, a claw like hand gripped Ingvar’s throat and crushed him against the wall.

One Line Teaser: Kelly had seen Ingvar transform from insubstantial apparition to hot red blooded male.

Connect with the author:

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SCP Five Favorite Things Blog Event

Tis the season for giving...

And this year Secret and Sweet Cravings authors are in a giving mood.

Over 30 authors have joined together to help make this a Merrier Christmas for lovers of romance and reading. Stop over at our SCP Fan Page or our SCP Readers' Group page.

Our participating authors will be posting there will great fun and their most treasured and favorite 'things' in life. You will also be able to enter into many contests to win great prizes from each author.

Marie Rose DuFour
Lindsay Downs
Nicola/Imogene Nix
Jean Joachim
DF Krieger
Karen Cino
Jennifer Simpkins
Melissa Keir
Kathleen Ball
Cindy Christiansen
Jl Hammer
Holly Gill
Sonia Hightower
Paloma Beck
Carol Preflatish
Angela Quarles
Davee Jones
B.a. Knight
Molly Daniels
Kenzie Michaels
Carolyn De Ridder (Wren)
Flossie Benton Rogers
Dawne Prochilo

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Almost Naked, and For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you've visited my blog before, you know I've waxed poetic on some serious muscles from some super sexy pro-athletes: wrestlers from the WWE.

Wrestler Randy Orton: Almost Naked!

Listen, I thought this show was for men too, until I saw almost naked men sweating and  panting, their bare bodies glistening as their muscles flexed. It's funny how after a fight, the exertion you see on these men looks very similar to the exertion you would encounter after a sweaty hot round of sex. So, is it my fault that I find them so drool worthy? These are the original Alpha men, fighting for dominance. Well, they wouldn't have to fight too hard with us, would they? I would personally just lie down and give up. They win by pinning you. You lose by submitting to them. Uh sure, I 'lost' alright ;) if you say so, don't know why I am smiling then...but I digress. 

Randy Orton is prime example of male athletic hotness for your viewing pleasure. Called the Viper, I am pretty sure you will want him to strike!

John Cena, All American HOT. Yes, and Almost Naked!!

John Cena. All around hero, having performed about 300 plus wishes at Make A Wish Foundation. Hey John, I have a wish too. Mine is from XXX Make A Wish Foundation. There are many in-need females that you could be servicing--er, providing, wishes too. I bet we could keep you busy until the end of the year. You could learn true giving and altruism. Just think about it John.

Hey can I get a ride?

That brings me to Sheamus. World's Sexiest Redhead. No lie. You don't like red heads? Take a look at this one. You could count his freckles all day and connect the dots. He comes with a board game. His skin looks like hard marble, and his proportions are perfect. In fact, take a look at his thighs. Take a look at yourself. Take a look at his thighs. Picture said thighs wrapped tight around yours. You ain't going anywhere. You'll be begging for mercy and tapping out. Begging for something anyway...I'm just saying...

Is it bad when I see wrestler Kofi Kingston,
I want to yell, "Hey, can I be the cream in your coffee?" Lol get it?
Anyway, there is a brief, tantalizing view of some of the WWE's finest. I think you should watch wrestling and see for yourself. Be sure to clean up the drool after.

Thanks for reading everyone
~Chloe Waits
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Chloe Waits does not own any wrestler, nor these photos. Copyright to the holders.

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Hot, Seductive, and...Blind. Meet My New Hero

Ladies, have you ever wanted a man who could take you on an erotic journey you would never forget?

Donovan's Blues Buy Link
Meet Donovan Strait. A sexy, talented blues musician whose other gifts are only apparent off the stage.

Amanda is initially dazzled by Donovan and his music, and hopes to show him how much she loves him, very personally. Until she is learns something she is not prepared for: Donovan is blind. 

Donovan is used to people underestimating him because of his disability. Amanda makes that mistake at first, and he soon teaches her she needs to let go of any preconceived notions she has about blindness. Donovan may not have his sight, but he is able to 'see' a woman more clearly than other men--including all her erotic needs. Using his other heightened senses, he breaks down all her defences and seduces Amanda.

But can she get him to stay longer than a one night stand?

Donovan's Blues is out today at Secret Cravings Publishing, as part of the Special Love Line celebrating differently abled. It's a short story that's long on heat, with a hero you won't forget.


“Are you excited Amanda?”

“Yes,” she whispered. In truth, she was very excited, more so than she could remember being by any man. Any remaining reservations vanished under his expert seduction.

“By me?”

He smiled, already knowing the answer. His voice dropped a few octaves. “You’re wondering what it would be like to be made love to by a man that knows things other men don’t…who can see you with his hands. Who could touch you in ways other men cannot.”

Amanda didn’t answer. She drew shallow breaths as graphic images flitted through her mind. His grip tightened reflexively on her wrist. Sensual awareness flooded Amanda. Her heightened pulse, her uneven respirations told him everything he needed to know, and he read her like an open book, as though her body was braille.

“A lot of men are only interested in what they see in women. What they narrowly define as beauty. With one, lone sense. They don’t appreciate a woman’s voice. The way her breath quickens as her excitement grows. The scent of her arousal. The smell of her perfume when she’s gone. People are meant to be tactile. Do you know the softest part of a woman’s body? Most men would say her thighs. What about the inside of her wrist? The area behind her knee. The underside of her upper arm. The webbing between her fingers and toes…?”

Donovan raised Amanda’s hand, pressing her delicate wrist against his full lips as his fingers laced briefly with hers.

Her skin burned with his touch and sparks lit up along her spine.

“Her lips, the area behind the ear…”

His hand touched her hair, trailing over the earlobe underneath and moving behind the shell of her ear, to Amanda’s sigh. She swore the whorl of his thumb left an imprint on the tender area, scoring it with heat....
Like to read more, or a spicier excerpt? Click here
OR like to win your own copy?

I am giving away a free copy, to double your chances to win, visit my blog too and leave a comment-- there's a free copy at each blog up for grabs! I will randomly pick a comment at each blog, be sure to give me a way to get in touch with you....I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Thanks for reading everyone
~Chloe Waits
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Thank you for stopping by! Christmas is for giving. A bunch of Secret Cravings authors are giving back Friday and Saturday with this special blog hop for charity. Each author pledged to donate $30.00 to Wounded Warriors, a charity that helps wounded military get back on their feet. How about 30 bucks for 30 comments??
Many of our authors are giving away books, too. This hop is a win for the soldiers, their families & commenters who win books. The list is not too big, so please visit everyone

 Click on the author's name to get to their  blog. Don't forget to leave a comment & your email address. Thank you for the kind comments. The best way to show your appreciation is to visit our authors and comment. Those comments will raise funds. Thank you so much for your support!


LINDSAY DOWNS                               
CAROLYN GIBBS                                
SABLE HUNTER                                
DAVEE JONES           
MELISSA KEIR                            
LACIE NATION                                    

 A word about Wounded Warrior Project: 
WWP programs serve warriors with every type of injury – from the physical to the invisible wounds of war. It is estimated over 48,000 servicemen and women have been physically injured in recent military conflicts, another 320,000 are believed to have experienced a traumatic brain injury while on deployment and as many as 400,000 additional service members live with the invisible wounds of war including combat-related stress, major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.   
Thank you for coming. Have a happy holiday!

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New Author Spotlight- Tracey Steinbach

Today we spend some time getting to know first time SCP published author Tracey Steinbach. Her release comes out Tuesday, December 4

Miranda works for the arrogant vampire, Matthias. She lives in a wing of his home so she can be at his beck and call whenever the mood strikes him. Matthias knows that Miranda is his mate but he has no desire to bind himself to a human, fall in love and watch her die, so he keeps his distance. When Miranda asks for a Christmas Tree for the house, he reluctantly agrees. Miranda has an accident before she can get the tree, though and he uses their bond to rescue her.

After Matthias is shot, Miranda must let Matthias feed to regain his strength and possibly save his life. This bonds them closer together. He gives up the fight and throws himself into winning her over. The first thing on his list? Her Christmas Tree.  
Buy Link

Now onto some of Tracey's secrets-
Least favorite vegetable.  Asparagus

Favorite movie of all time. It took me a long time to answer this. My favorite movie is either The Wizard of Oz or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

I would love to be able to... write music lyrics that touched someone’s heart.

My super power would be...Speed. How awesome would it be to clean the entire house in 5 minutes?!

Who would play the hero and heroine in your book if ever made it to the big screen? Timothy Olyphant would be my Matthias and Hilary Duff with dark hair would be my Miranda.

Music. I listen to everything from 60’s Motown to 80’s hair bands to country to Breaking Benjamin.

Your idea of a romantic evening/day. A realistic idea would be a night with no kids, dinner out and early to bed. My fantasy would involve candlelight and a walk on the beach.

Chocolate or caffeine? Chocolate

Warm climate or all season's climate? Warm climate

Cruise with significant other or week at a spa (alone)? Cruise with significant other

Night owl or morning person? Night owl

Romantic comedy movie or action packed flick? Action packed flick


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SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers: What Makes a Great Book Cover?

SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers:
What Makes a Great Book Cover?

  1. A great book cover draws the reader into the story. It intrigues, compels, and demands to know more. I've heard the "draws in" description several times regarding the cover created by Dawne Dominique for my paranormal romance Wytchfae Runes (WR), a recent release from Secret Cravings Publishing.
  2. The cover artist uses color to depict the mood and tone of the story. Color affects us in a visceral way, just as in real life situations. Hot red revs us up and spells "danger."  The absinthe green hue on the cover of WR denotes mysterious, arcane worlds unseen by human eyes--until now.
  3. An effective cover tells us something about the theme and characters. The WR cover suggests adventure and fantasy. I love the way the artist portrays the hero (strong, sexy) and heroine (witchy, mysterious). 
  4. The cover should provide hints about important elements of the book. Is there a special tree involved? An old house harboring the heroine's secrets? A cat, dog, horse, or other special furry friend? The jagged green lightning on the cover of WR is reminiscent of the etheric energy "scratches" the heroine uses in her craft.
  5. A great cover is pleasing to the eye. I am beyond lucky that Secret Cravings Publishing works with Dawne Dominique to produce such beautiful work. You can see a plethora of gorgeous covers at the SCP website below. 

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SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers and Her New Release

WYTCHFAE RUNES is a paranormal romance by Flossie Benton Rogers, released by Secret Cravings Publishing on October 17, 2012.


Q1: What is life like for the stars of the book, Wytchfae or faery witch Kelly O’Day and Viking warrior Ingvar Hrothson, before they meet?
A1: Kelly’s job is to transition ghosts to their afterlife. When not busy with that, she’s romping on the beach or out having fun. Drab and gloomy describes Ingvar’s ghostly existence. No wonder he can’t keep his hands off the hot blooded, witchy woman who can actually see and touch him.

Q2: What are Kelly and Ingvar’s favorite foods?
A2: After a hard session transitioning a ghost, Kelly tends to break out the Irish whiskey and chocklot puffs. With her prodding, Ingvar also enjoys the unlikely combo. His favorite treat, however, is gammalost, a well-aged cheese. Kelly calls it stinky cheese.

Q3: Where do Kelly and Ingvar share their first kiss?
A3: In her car. The setting isn’t their choice. The Ghuillie Dhu or Dark Man of the forest plops them there and chemistry takes over.

Q4: If Kelly and Ingvar are so attracted to one another, why can’t they just be together? What’s the hold up?
A4: Several forces work to keep Kelly and Ingvar apart. First, as the recipient of a dark curse, he loathes witches and the use of magic. Second, her job does not allow her to cavort with spirits. Third, for over a thousand years only two things have been on his mind—free his sister and hail vengeance on the evil sorceress responsible for all the trouble. Fourth, some not so nice people have other ideas for Kelly and Ingvar.

Q5: What rune is depicted on the brooch Ingvar wears?
A5: Teiwaz for the Norse god Tyr. Shaped like a vertical arrow, it supported victory in battle and developed into the modern letter ‘T’.

WYTCHFAE RUNES available at Secret Cravings Publishing

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Guest SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers

Interview with Flossie Benton Rogers
Wytchfae Runes available October 2012 from Secret Cravings Publishing

What genres do you write and why?
My current focus is on paranormal romance. Mythology is my passion, and that genre allows me to create and weave stories about fairies, goddesses, witches, and other magical beings.

Do you concentrate on one story at a time or multiple stories?
Multiple stories. Right now as Wytchfae Runes nears publication, I have a first draft of a novella completed for the Wytchfae series, am in the midst of writing another full length novel—also in the Wytchfae series, and have several other works in various stages of the planning process, including a vintage romance.

What genres do you like to read?
Paranormal romance, historical romance, and cozy mysteries are some of my favorites.

What authors do you enjoy?
Dorothy Cork, who wrote romances back in the 1980’s and Rex Stout, author of the Nero Wolfe mysteries, appear at the top of a very long list.

What about classical novels, drama, and poetry? Do you have favorites among those?
Yes, for novels it would be Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse and Notes from the Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
Drama—the ancient Greek plays and Shakespeare.
Poetry—John Keats and William Butler Yeats.

What do you most enjoy about reading romance novels?
I love the emotions elicited by a hero and heroine as they meet, fall in love, overcome problems, and figure out how to be together. I love happy endings.

What superpower do you covet?
Is there one called speed writing? That’s what I would like. Also speed editing. All kidding aside, my goal is to improve my word count and personal production schedule. I obviously need super speed.

Do you collect anything in particular?
Other than books? Yes, I have small collections of fairy figurines and paintings, tarot cards, and music boxes.

What do you like to do when you are not writing or reading?
I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my family and friends. I also enjoy visiting new places, gardening, and taking late night walks with my basset hound Daisy Josette.

Any closing thoughts?
Thank you, Secret Cravings Publishing, for the pleasure of speaking to you today and for publishing my debut novel Wytchfae Runes!

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Guest SCP author Jan Graham

A Pleasant Distraction by Jan Graham

I’ve been a prolific reader for a lot more years than I’ve been an author and the other day it struck me how the writing world has changed. I can remember when I was in my teens and twenties (many years ago now) reading books and thinking, I’d love to tell the author how much I enjoyed their book. Of course back in the dark ages my only option was to write a letter, mail it off to the publisher and wonder if the author would get my feedback. I’m assuming they probably didn’t because I never received a reply.

One of the things I enjoy about being an author today is social media and the ability to connect with readers through that medium. No longer are authors a picture on the back inside cover of a book, they are actually real people. Not that they weren’t real before, but you know what I mean. If I like a book I can pop onto facebook or go to an author website and tell them. Authors post their latest releases and excerpts online making the work accessible to anyone who is interested. And for me, I get a real buzz out of fans dropping by my Facebook, blog, Google+ or twitter page and saying Hi, I liked your book, where is the next one? It acts as motivation to keep working and it’s affirming to know what I’m doing brings enjoyment to people reading my stories.

Publishers and authors can now chat, often in real time, with readers via reader’s loops and facebook or twitter events. I went to an online book launch the other day and it was a great way to find out about the authors new release. For me, those events are like a get together at the local coffee shop with a group of friends, where you talk about what you’re reading and anything and everything else that comes to mind…except it’s all online. I mean you couldn’t go to a coffee shop or physical book launch in your PJ’s and fluffy slippers but that’s exactly what I wore to the online book launch the other day. One of the chats I really enjoy is the Secret Cravings Readers Group chat that happens once a month on facebook. It’s a full weekend thing and people wander in and out depending on their real life schedules. There are giveaways, great discussions, occasionally authors (yes you, Sandy Sullivan) will bring along a hot cowboy for us all to drool over and we generally just have a bit of fun.

Now I think we all know that too much of a good thing is bad for us and even though I enjoy the social aspect of today’s writing world, there is a downside. No matter how pleasant I find the interaction it does drain time from my writing day. Sometimes going on facebook is like dropping down the rabbit hole to party with the Mad Hatter and his friends. You just don’t realize how long you’ve been there until hours have flown by. My way of combating that problem is to stick to a routine, one hour of social media of a morning and evening, unless I’m involved in a special event. Sometimes however, just like trying to stick to a diet, I fail miserably. Still, it’s a great way to get to know new people, touch base with fans and have a bit of a break from creating. All in all, it’s a pleasant distraction.

So what do you think, as a reader or an author? Do you have a favorite social media site? Do you contact authors to give them feedback about their books? What’s the best thing or worst thing about living in a technology filled writing world?

Where to find me:

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Mondays' Theme- Weekend Getaways- Time For An Escape

Every Monday, come back for a visit to see what romance genre is being featured... we have hundreds of books at Secret Cravings and this is a chance to see what we have to offer...

This week's theme the Weekend Getaways... quick, fun and sexy reads written by very talented authors.


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Meet the Author Mahalia Levey

Growing up-

Favorite games 
I loved to play life and clue growing up. For many years I was an only child so I put together  a ton of puzzles and played a lot of solitaire.

Red Rover Red Rover
Simon Says
Red Light Green Light

Family pets
Terri- my miniature poodle growing up. She died when I was six.
Freckles- mom’s dog
Boots- my first gift from a boyfriend. I was 13 she passed away when I was in my late twenties.
Abby- our Cockatoo- she could sing the star spangled banner, and curse and mimic almost anything

Favorite holiday memory
I can’t remember one single holiday as a child. I loved Christmas and Thanksgiving because it was the only time I got to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My cousins were about ten years or more older than me.

When you grew up, you wanted to be a singer. Why?
I loved singing and being on stage.

Favorite music group while a teenager
New Kids on The Block


I would do anything for...
caffeine. I have a heart arrhythmia. Stimulants have been cruelly taken from me. It takes me forever to wake up and get moving!

Candy bar that best describes me. Why? 

Nutrageous… Because I’m Outrageous and a bit of a Nut :P
Your idea of romance

Laying on the couch watching a chic flick with my man scratching my scalp in a soothing manner. It is comfort at its best while having a nice night in.

I’m not much into big gifts or gifts in general. I had a boyfriend in my early twenties who kept receipts for everything he ever bought me. When we broke up he brought the cops to my house and I had to hand everything over. Since then I’ve had a hard time accepting gifts from anyone. I love to give them out though :P  I did however accept the Kindle Fire for Valentines last year :P DH and I are working on my phobia of accepting gifts from people.

An embarrassing moment that happened to you written in a newspaper headline.
When I was 15 I let my girlfriend drive my car. I was in the back seat and she ran the car into someone’s living room. She looked down to change the radio station and the street ended but had houses running perpendicular. That was on hell of a headline L

If I wasn't an author,
I would be an respiratory therapist. I have been many things before my journey as an author. Who knows what else I can accomplish!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introducing upcoming SCP author Flossie Benton Rogers

Favorite Things
It is a dream come true. Secret Cravings Publishing accepted my paranormal romance novel Wytchfaefor publication, and scheduled it to debut in October. Everyone I have met at SCP has been wonderful. After many years of being public library director, partnering people with books, I could not be more thrilled to have a book of my own, the first in a series. The heroine is a witch with a drop of faery blood who falls in love with a sexy Viking ghost. Please paint the town with me when release day comes.

After reading the previous paragraph, you already know some of my favorite things: paranormal romance, Viking heroes, Secret Cravings, writing, and, of course, getting published.

By way of introduction and getting to know each other, I thought I would share a few more items from my list of life’s joys.

Reading is certainly a passion of mine. I think it is with most writers. I have been an enthusiastic reader all my life. In elementary school at the beginning of each semester, I always devoured our freshly issued reading book the first night. I had to find out what happened to those people next. I enjoy various genres, including historical romance, mystery, dystopian, and urban fantasy. Romance appeals because of the main characters’ developing relationship and the positive outcome at the end. I just love it when those two finally get together!

October is a glorious time. Seriously, it’s not just because the book is coming out then. As the first full month of autumn, October brings zingy air that makes me feel renewed and raring to go. To find red, yellow, and orange leaves in Florida, you must trek to the edge of a swamp, but it’s so worth it. Also, Halloween is a fun holiday.

I can’t talk about October without mentioning la luna. I’m drawn to the full moon, dark of the moon, and all in between. Whenever the goddess Selene beams down, I’m there.

Incense is a daily staple at our house. The exotic ones from the East are incomparable, but I also enjoy wisteria, jasmine, and lily of the valley. When your nose is happy, the writing revs up a notch.

Coffee. That one word is all that’s needed. Dare I say butterscotch toffee coffee?

I adore nutmeg, its aroma and taste. The flavor enhances almost any food, even savory dishes. Nutmeg’s appearance is endearing too, all round and beautiful in a homely way, something like my basset hound Daisy Josette.

Snickerdoodles are the best. I don’t mean cookies. Rather, I refer to rambunctious boys ages five and three. On an odd day I am feeling blue, the Snickerdoodles come over and bring out the sun. Although Wytchfaedoesn’t have any small children, I have in the works a vintage romance that features little ones.

Sparkles make the world go ‘round. Glitter, shimmer, bling—I have them on my sandals, clothes, phone, in my bedroom, and of course jewelry. I love cheap baubles and semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli and jade. I love crystals but not so much diamonds. Creativity demands sparkles. The heroine in Wytchfaewears a special necklace.

My grandmother read fairy tales to me very early, and I have always been drawn to them. In the old tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon, the heroine goes on a long journey and overcomes dangerous challenges to be with her beloved. Enamored of a ghost, the Wytchfae meets challenges of her own. It is incredibly satisfying to be able to write about faeries and other mythical beings. Some are good hearted, some pretty dark.

Writers are my rock stars. Fellow writers command my respect and admiration, from the ones in my writing groups to those in Secret Cravings Publishing and elsewhere. Each day I continue to learn so much. Talented authors live at Secret Cravings Publishing. To be part of SCP is one of my mostfavorite things. Thank you, SCP readers, for making it possible!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

SCP guest author Davee Jones

When did you start writing, and was there a significant event that prompted you to do so?
-I began creatively writing in college; however, I quickly discovered I could not pay the bills by my writing alone. I began work for the feds. However, maybe it was a mid-life crisis or my divorce that seriously spurned my writing again. It took me well over two years to write my first novel, simply because I really had no idea “how to” actually pen a book.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? (Assuming said power would be reasonably "powerful.")
 – It’s a tossup between the ability to fly and mind reading.

Do you have a favorite superhero from novels, comics, or movies?
-Wonder Woman, I loved that show as a kid. I also loved the Bionic Woman-I even had a Jaime Sommers Barbie.

Where do you get your inspiration for writing?
-Initially, my inspiration came from personal experiences. However, I also now use anecdotal family stories, current events, and sometimes even a simple sentence is the beginning of a new book.

What motivates you?
-My desire to create a world I can control the outcome. Also, writing is a stress relief activity for me.

Do you pre-plan your stories, or are you a by-the-seat-of-the-pants style writer?
- I take notes constantly. I have a simple idea in my head and then I build on it. I have a long commute for my day job, and my mind churns constantly. As I think of something, I write it down and see how I can fit it into a WIP. However, sometimes when I’m writing, the flow just takes off and it feels great when that happens. I also have very vivid dreams and write them down as soon as I awaken to use them for a story.

Do you write only when inspired, or do you have a set schedule where you sit down to write?
-Because I hold a FT job outside of writing, sometimes, I must keep a storyline until I get a break or go home for the day. It’s very difficult, but, I will jot my quick notes down so I keep that scene or idea fresh.

Do you have a favorite genre to write in?
- I like to write in different genres, according to my mood. My first three published books are romance, I would like to finish my suspense/thriller and see how it is received.

To read?
-I like to read adventure stories or biographies, such as Aron Ralston’s story (Between a Rock and a Hard Place). I also read many books in the inspirational/Christian genre, thriller/suspense genre, and some romance as well.

What do you enjoy the most about writing?
-Creating a world and positive endings that maybe did not occur in reality, similar to re-writing an actual event to how I wanted it to be.

Is there any part of writing that you don't enjoy?
-The arthritis in my hands acts up and I can’t always write/type for as long as I want.

Can you tell me something odd about yourself?
-Engaging in repetitive motion makes me nauseous. Keystrokes are sometimes a killer. lol

Do you write one story at a time, or do you have several novels in the works at one time?
-I have about seven in the works right now.

In an evil plot to take over the world, what one animal type do you advise to use and why?
- A honey badger, nothing can kill that thing.

Where do you see the future as far as paper books versus digital e-books?
-Unfortunately, e-books will continue to dominate the market. Paper books will slowly continuing phasing out. However, I still love holding a bona fide book in my hand.

What are your current projects?
- A few YA books- one with a bullying plotline, one with a paranormal theme and one with a fall romance. I have a serial killer/demon suspense in progress. I also have a few romance books in the works.

Do you have any advice for others about self-publishing?
- Edit until you can’t stand it anymore.
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lustful Cravings SCP Guest Post

Am I seriously going to talk about religion while I’m promoting my erotic paranormal romance? Yes I am. Stay with me though. It’ll get interesting, I promise.
As a reader, I want the heroine in books I read to be strong and to have a story of their own to tell beyond being mated to the alpha hero. If given the chance, the heroine should be able defend themselves. If not with physical strength, at least she needs to be capable of using her intelligence, wit and female moxie.
The idea behind the women in the Seven Sin Sisters series came to me while sitting in church one Sunday. I’ve always felt Mary Magdalene was much like an overlooked bff to Mary the Mother of Jesus who received the glory. What fanfare does Mary Magdalena get? Not much. But she’s one of my favorite people in the bible and she was actually one of Jesus' most committed disciples and absolutely was the most important female disciple of Jesus. Yet on those important days of the church’s celebration, she’s just among those secondary characters we hear about in the background. Most people don’t realize she actually became Jesus' close friend –not just his Mother Mary’s friend- and she was with Jesus during his last days. She was at the cross well after all his male disciples (except John) left and she was at his burial. Most profound is that she was actually the first person to see Jesus after his Resurrection. A woman was chosen to be the first person to see Him – I love this. So given all this information, when I think about the type of person Mary Magdalene was, I imagine she would’ve been a kick-ass heroine. And the idea of her being the Goddess they worship seemed a perfect fit. After all, she is considered a saint by the Catholic Church (and her feast day is my sister’s birthday, July 22). It was a sign. 
But what about those demons the sisters possess? Well, the Bible tells us that Jesus cleansed Mary Magdalene of her seven demons. So here’s where the idea for their seven sins –demons living within them for a sacrifice they make- was born. And of course, the name -Circle of Magdalena- just fit. The heroines of the Seven Sin Sisters series have the strength of the original Mary Magdalene. They possess her perseverance, her tenacity and her leadership in a cause greater than themselves. One of the sisters takes a big interest in the history of Mary Magdalene so readers will hear about her more in a later book.
Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book One
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Elements: Adult language/ Ménage
Author: Paloma Beck
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61885-352-3
Page Count: 96

Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy bigger than anyone ever expected. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite breeds and secure their place in history. Each sister embodies one of the seven deadly sins only to be cast aside once claimed. But claiming comes at the price of separation, causing a weakening of their combined powers, which none want to happen... until Layla, holding the sin of lust within her body, locks eyes with Madden.
Madden is one of the strongest of the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men originating from the Italian Wars in the 1500s. Today, the Valendite Breed serve as the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), an invisible arm of the CIA. Their only weakness is their need for a mate to carry on the Breed. So now that Madden has found Layla, he will never let her go.
With forces mounting up against the Breed, Madden and Layla will need to rely on all of their powers combined to get them to their Pronouncement.


Madden pulled away from her, just slightly, and she whimpered in protest. He chuckled and kissed her nose when he saw her wrinkle it. Struck by the flush of her cheeks, Madden noted the same flush running down her throat and to the very top of her breasts. As she took deep breaths to calm herself, he placed his forehead against hers. But Madden only paused for a moment because he had no intention of letting the emotions he was pulling from Layla subside. He would not let her gain the control she was wrestling for. A woman off-balance was what he needed her to be.
As part of the Valendite Breed, Madden had been raised to know the prophecy, to appreciate the significance of finding your mate and claiming her. He planned to worship Layla until the day they died. The sharing of blood so sacred, nothing could tear them from one another. Not only would their blood bond them together but it would also sustain Madden and prolong Layla’s life so she lived as long as he did.
Madden moved his hands to frame her face and drew her head up to meet her eyes. He brushed a soft kiss against her full lips before speaking, his voice husky with desire. “Take your tongue, Layla love, and touch it to my sharpest teeth. The blood exchange will bind us and I can take you then. Ho bisogno di te. Please don’t make me wait.”
Madden’s words were barely finished when he took her mouth again. Gently his tongue drew hers out, slowing to let her catch up to his need. When he felt the puncture wounds and tasted the first drop of her blood, he moaned low inside himself. He felt Layla tense at first and then soften her body as it settled into his own. Her moans began to mirror his. He could feel her desire as if it was his own, and it multiplied the urge to claim her and demand she submit to him as his mate.
Madden held back with every piece of control he had been trained to possess. This moment required him to remain in control, to ease her in the mating. He felt her pull away. Her body shuttered and a small whimper bubbled up from her throat. He was suddenly struck by her vulnerability.
“What’s happened, Madden? Why do I feel this way?” His Layla was frightened and he wanted nothing more than to comfort her. Her feisty golden eyes now appeared panicked. Madden couldn’t bear it.
“Layla love, we’re bonded now. You will forever feel what I feel just as I will feel the emotions inside of you. It is a powerful thing for mates. It will make the next act we perform even richer than any romance book you’ve ever read.” He rose then from the floor between her legs and pulled her to him, carrying her out of the room.
“Which way to your bedroom, Layla?”

Paloma Beck is an erotic romance writer in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms. Happily married and living a life of total contradiction, Paloma runs carpool service for her three sons, volunteers in PTA and teaches religious education.
Then in the moments when her characters talk to her, she journals their stories - and they are anything but PG. As a natural introvert, quiet time with her characters is necessary to keep sane while writing is the perfect outlet for her creativity.
Paloma believes a daily dose of coffee and a good book make any day better.

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