Monday, July 16, 2012

Meet the Author Shannon West

Growing up-
I was pretty spoiled by my parents, and enjoyed every minute of it. Seriously, I had a wonderful childhood.  I always thought that if I ever got famous, I would have nothing to blame my neuroses on—can’t say it was because of a lousy childhood, that’s for sure.  Nope, it’s all on me.

Favorite games (board games and outdoor activity) 
Paper dolls.  I’m probably dating myself, but I loved them, and my paper dolls had wonderful, exciting adventures. I spent hours in my room, dressing them up in their glam outfits for dates with their boyfriends, and fabulous trips to Paris. No outdoor activity for me—yuck!  Always an inveterate couch potato.  My poor mom used to try to get me to go outside “to get some sun.”  Not for me.  I kept my little white ass inside and read my books and talked on the phone.  A lot.  As a young teenager, I did like to go out in the warm summer evenings with my best buddy and ride bikes in the neighborhood. Sometimes we’d sneak over to  a nearby park near the lake and smoke cigarettes we’d smuggled out of the house and meet up with some older boys who rode motorcycles. We were so bad.  Once we almost got caught by my girlfriend’s mother, who rode slowly by in her car.  We found a ladder some workmen left behind and climbed up to the roof of the boathouse to hide.  It didn’t work, of course. She saw our bikes and we were busted anyway.

Family pets  
Dogs!  We always had dogs growing up, and they were my best buddies.

Favorite holiday memory 
Every fourth of July, we’d go to the Smoky Mountains on vacation for a week.  My siblings and I swam in the motel pool until we were waterlogged and pruny.  Then at night, we’d all walk downtown and buy cheap souvenirs and eat funnel cakes.

When you grew up, you wanted to be ___________. Why?  
A teacher.  I was always so bossy, and liked to talk and tell stories so much.  Still do!

Favorite music group while a teenager
Anything hard rock.  AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Kiss...

Still dreadfully spoiled—by my husband this time. Still enjoying every minute of it.

(Think of the TV commercial for Klondike ice cream bars) I would do anything for/to.
A trip to just about anywhere.  Always sitting on GO.  Seriously, I love to travel, and I’ve done a lot of it. I still have a lot of places I want to see.

Candy bar that best describes me. Why?  
A Sugar Daddy. Do you know what those are?  They’re all caramelly and sweet and just pure sugar on a stick.  And you hold them in your mouth and...oh, is this getting a little too risque?  I always take it a little too far. Story of my life.

Your idea of romance (ex. an event, a moment, a gift)
My husband and I went to Paris a few years ago.  We were jet lagged and couldn’t sleep, so close to midnight, we left the hotel and went to the Eifel Tower.  Standing up there, looking over the lights of the city—midnight in Paris—it doesn’t get much more romantic!

An embarrassing moment that happened to you written in a newspaper headline.
Woman Almost Kills Boyfriend at Funeral in Tragic Accident
Shortly after I  met my husband, he took me to the funeral of a cousin of his.  Very sad, but as we left, we were walking down a steep gravel hill.  (very small country church in Alabama)  I was wearing high heels and stepped on a rock.  My feet went out from under me.  My sweetie tried to help by grabbing my arm and pulling me up.  That put me off balance, so my feet swept right under his, knocking him down, and we rolled together to the bottom of the hill.  I just lay there, panty hose in shreds, dress way up around my hips,  laughing hysterically, and getting some very outraged looks from his relatives. He was mortified!   He yanked me up and took me to the car, then administered first aid to my skinned knees.  He married me anyway.  Lord knows why.

If I wasn't an author, I would be a/an 
Can I pick anything? A heavy metal rock star, with tattoos, black hair, kohl lined eyes and an eyepatch.

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  1. Love the story about u rolling down the hill at the cemetery. There should be laughter at a funeral, it helps break the stress. Good luck with ur new releases....Tabs

  2. I haven't had a sugar daddy on so long. I know there were sugar daddies, mommas, and babies. Who remembers the difference? Cause...I done forgot.

  3. Tami, I love them all! I ate the Sugar Babies (still do occasionally) and they were the little drop like things. The Daddy ones were on a stick!

  4. The Paris at midnight sounds so dreamy! I would love to do something like that..except I hate traveling! LOL

  5. Paris sounds so incredible. Sounds so wonderful!!! The rolling down the hill story is hysterical!

  6. its nice to meet you shannon. Good luck with your book xxxxxxxxx

  7. Hey Shannon... don't forget to add Australia to your got to see list!

  8. Shannon, great interview. I am right there with you for most, especially the paper dolls-- I absolutely loved them.

    Flossie Benton Rogers

  9. Great interview, and nice to know we have something in common...we listened to the same music as teenagers. Actually, I still listen to it.

  10. Great cover, great interview! Nice to know more about you!

  11. great interview- I love to learn about authors and their novels!!

  12. Great interview, Shannon. It's always nice to learn more about people.


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