Saturday, August 4, 2012


Adora Smutz, here. We have a roundtable discussion today. I have four heroes of Jean’s books with me today. Please welcome, Tunney Nichols and Jim Caterson from “The Renovated Heart” and Mac Caldwell and Danny Maine from Now and Forever 2 and Now and Forever 3.

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Mac: Hey, guys, I thought this was a bowling alley.
Danny: Adora Smutz! What are you doing here?
Adora: Hi, guys. *grins* Fooled you, didn’t I? That free bowling coupon works every time.
Tunney: Who is this babe?
Adora: Ahhh, he called me a babe! Tunney, you’re such a sexy guy.
Tunney: *backs away*, hey, hey. Down, girl. Kit would never approve of this.
Adora: Who’s Kit? What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? *bats her eyelashes*.
Jim: How do we get out of here?
Adora: The doors are locked gents. So sit down. You’re my captives for a while. This is a round table discussion. Here *passes out beer*, might make you more comfortable. *sound of beer bottle tops popping*.
Mac: What do you want, Adora?
Adora: Just want to ask you all a few questions. Let’s see…hmm, which do you prefer, blonde, brunette or redhead? Mac, you’re the oldest, you start.
Mac: Thanks a lot for the age crack. Let me think, slam dunk, I prefer chestnut hair and blue eyes on a woman. Danny?
Danny: Blonde and green eyed. Jim?
Jim: Big blue eyed brunettes do it for me. Tunney?
Tunney: blonde and blue-eyed.
Adora: What a bunch of creeps! Those are the descriptions of your girlfriends and wives. Brother, how unoriginal. Okay…*tosses out index cards*…so much for Jean’s questions. Now you’re gonna get my questions! *the men shift in their seats* What’s your favorite position for sex? Danny, let’s start with you.
Danny: Whoa, Adora! Not answering that one. *raises his hand*.
Adora: Coward! Mac…how many times a week do you have sex?
Mac: *blushes*…uh…I don’t remember.
Adora: A likely story! Tunney…ever do anything kinky in the bedroom?
Tunney: Uh…hmm…define ‘kinky’ Adora.
Adora: You know what I mean! You faker! Jim, your turn…How many times in one day do you have sex with Sarah?

Jim: *blushes deep red* uh…don’t think I’ve ever kept track, Adora.
Adora: You are all a bunch of phonies, killjoys! *stomps her foot*.
Danny: *gets up close to Adora. Puts his arm around her* But maybe we can set some new records with you, Adora…
Adora: Oh? Really? Raises her eyebrows.
Danny: Sure…*slips door open, signals to Mac to leave*…yup. How many times a week do you want to have sex?
Adora: *gets shy* well, gee…I haven’t thought about it…
Danny: *shoos Jim out the door* Think about it. There are four of us and one of you…
Adora: I love those odds…uh, ratio?
Danny: *motions for Tunney to leave* Do you have the stamina to take us all on? Close your eyes and pucker up, baby.
Adora: *closes eyes* Ooohhh, this is so exciting. Who’s going to be first? *Danny slips out the door, closing it quietly*. Come on, guys, don’t be shy. I don’t bite. Bet I can take you all on, one at a time that is. Hmm, come on, Adora’s waiting. *taps foot*…Mac? Jim?...Tunney?...Danny? *opens her eyes to see an empty room*. DAMN! Danny Maine, I’ll get you for this *shakes her fist*. Jean! Jean! Where the hell are you? I have some ideas who you should kill off in your next book. Jean! Get down here! This was your stupid idea. Jean!!!!

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  1. Oh Adora... you sneaky woman... great series here. can never get enough of this series


  2. LOL- best laugh I've had all week- even beats the squirrels - I want to go out drinking with Adora- one question what brand of beer did she give out??

    1. The squirrels are... quite a story in themselves- love the updates

    2. It was Brooklyn Beer, it think. Glad you like Adora...and the squirrels!

  3. *passes Adora her roll of duct tape* Adora, if this doesn't work, make Jean spring for a stun gun.

    1. Great idea, Eden...look out! Jean's watching. She's everywhere, the litttle so-and-so.

  4. hahahaha! What a fun interview! Always love Adora's antics :)


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