Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Introducing upcoming SCP author Ava Riley

By Ava Riley

To begin with, I would like to say a huge “Thank You” to Secret Cravings Publishing for honoring me with accepting my first Paranormal Romance novella for publication.  Leesea’s Books and Babbles is scheduled for an October 2012 release.  Also, thank you for allowing me to be here today to share with SCP’s readers.

Normally when I do a post, I like to give a snippet of the book that will be released but with it being so far off before the publication date, I decided that with this post I would give you all a little insight into who Ava Riley (that’s me) is.

I am a wife, mother, author, & student.  I am a woman who wears many hats.  I am in the process of earning a double major in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and History at the University of New Mexico.  I have 3 semesters left before I complete my degree.  When I started school in 2009, my goal was to finish college then get “a” book published.  I have been blessed, in that my goal to be a published author has already been achieved…now to complete my degree.  It is important for me that my children see that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to and I hope that they carry that with them throughout their lifetime.  Life is certainly good!

I am a writer who loves to read.  I believe that in order to be a good writer, I must be a good reader.  It’s good to see what is out there and what works.  In my workshop classes at the University we did A LOT of reading in the first half of the semester.  Initially, I didn’t enjoy it because I just wanted to write.  However, looking back I understand what the professors were doing when they assigned an enormous amount of reading.  As writers, it’s good to look at other writings to see what works and what doesn’t.  It’s not only about sentence structure and grammar, but it’s also about being able to “show” instead of just “telling,” and so much more.  In addition to that, I just really, really love to sit down and read a great book.  My favorite genre is paranormal and I have most recently been introduced to historical romance, which I am finding that I really enjoy reading.  If I’m not busy with the family, writing, or doing school work, you can most assuredly find me with my nose buried in my Kindle.

I am a huge Football and Soccer Fan.  Yes, it’s true that I love both forms of “football.”  I think one thing that I love most about both sports, is that in our home it is a family affair.  On game days, you can find my husband, our children, and me sitting and cheering on either the Pittsburgh Steelers or FCB (Barcelona).  Not to mention, my son plays competitive soccer so we are very involved in that way as well.

I am a romantic.  I am always cheering on the heroine/hero.  I love a great love story that can make me laugh in one moment and cry in the next.  I am like most when it comes to romance.  I ALWAYS want there to be a happy ending….ALWAYS.  I want the heroine to be a woman that is strong and confident and is willing to take a chance.  And I want the hero to be a man who is the take charge kind of man, but who will also been smitten by the powerful woman in his life.   I just really enjoy a great love story.

So that is just a tidbit about me.  I am looking forward to being able to share more with you all a little later when the release date for Leesea’s Books and Babbles is a little closer, so keep your eyes open for it.
Again, thank you to Secret Cravings Publishing for allowing me to share with their readers.
Ava Riley

Facebook: Ava Riley Romance Books 

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  1. Ava, what a great post! I enjoyed getting to know you better. We have something in common, since my first paranormal romance is also coming out from SCP in October.


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