Sunday, August 19, 2012

SCP guest author Davee Jones

When did you start writing, and was there a significant event that prompted you to do so?
-I began creatively writing in college; however, I quickly discovered I could not pay the bills by my writing alone. I began work for the feds. However, maybe it was a mid-life crisis or my divorce that seriously spurned my writing again. It took me well over two years to write my first novel, simply because I really had no idea “how to” actually pen a book.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? (Assuming said power would be reasonably "powerful.")
 – It’s a tossup between the ability to fly and mind reading.

Do you have a favorite superhero from novels, comics, or movies?
-Wonder Woman, I loved that show as a kid. I also loved the Bionic Woman-I even had a Jaime Sommers Barbie.

Where do you get your inspiration for writing?
-Initially, my inspiration came from personal experiences. However, I also now use anecdotal family stories, current events, and sometimes even a simple sentence is the beginning of a new book.

What motivates you?
-My desire to create a world I can control the outcome. Also, writing is a stress relief activity for me.

Do you pre-plan your stories, or are you a by-the-seat-of-the-pants style writer?
- I take notes constantly. I have a simple idea in my head and then I build on it. I have a long commute for my day job, and my mind churns constantly. As I think of something, I write it down and see how I can fit it into a WIP. However, sometimes when I’m writing, the flow just takes off and it feels great when that happens. I also have very vivid dreams and write them down as soon as I awaken to use them for a story.

Do you write only when inspired, or do you have a set schedule where you sit down to write?
-Because I hold a FT job outside of writing, sometimes, I must keep a storyline until I get a break or go home for the day. It’s very difficult, but, I will jot my quick notes down so I keep that scene or idea fresh.

Do you have a favorite genre to write in?
- I like to write in different genres, according to my mood. My first three published books are romance, I would like to finish my suspense/thriller and see how it is received.

To read?
-I like to read adventure stories or biographies, such as Aron Ralston’s story (Between a Rock and a Hard Place). I also read many books in the inspirational/Christian genre, thriller/suspense genre, and some romance as well.

What do you enjoy the most about writing?
-Creating a world and positive endings that maybe did not occur in reality, similar to re-writing an actual event to how I wanted it to be.

Is there any part of writing that you don't enjoy?
-The arthritis in my hands acts up and I can’t always write/type for as long as I want.

Can you tell me something odd about yourself?
-Engaging in repetitive motion makes me nauseous. Keystrokes are sometimes a killer. lol

Do you write one story at a time, or do you have several novels in the works at one time?
-I have about seven in the works right now.

In an evil plot to take over the world, what one animal type do you advise to use and why?
- A honey badger, nothing can kill that thing.

Where do you see the future as far as paper books versus digital e-books?
-Unfortunately, e-books will continue to dominate the market. Paper books will slowly continuing phasing out. However, I still love holding a bona fide book in my hand.

What are your current projects?
- A few YA books- one with a bullying plotline, one with a paranormal theme and one with a fall romance. I have a serial killer/demon suspense in progress. I also have a few romance books in the works.

Do you have any advice for others about self-publishing?
- Edit until you can’t stand it anymore.
Learn everything you can about marketing and selling. I sent out over 250 review queries, requests for publicity, etc. I received less than ten replies back.  Yes, I said less than ten. I sent a letter to each and every newspaper in Oklahoma (my home state in the USA) and got ONE solitary reply back. I personalized every submission query, DO NOT Bcc these things to a mass audience. You will not receive a reply. You must demonstrate you researched who you sent the query to, let them know you took the time. Yes, it will take you hours upon hours, but, the few replies you receive back will be worth it.


  1. Davee, I enjoyed your post! Great questions and answers.You are so right about learning the business part. Like you, I also have several stories going at one time, in various stages of development. It makes for interesting mind talk, doesn't it? Love the Ruby title. I enjoyed your short piece Barren Lands. Best of luck!

  2. sis had the Wonder Woman underoos (remember those?) and I had the Jaime Sommers Barbie doll:)

    And when I had the EDJ, I'd write on my breaks, even though the characters would 'talk' to me for two hours. Thankfully, they repeated themselves!

  3. Thank you two for stopping in and sharing your thoughts, Molly and Flossie! Thank you SCP for hosting me.

  4. I enjoyed your post--with working full time and writing too--you are the Wonder Woman!


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