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SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers and Her New Release

WYTCHFAE RUNES is a paranormal romance by Flossie Benton Rogers, released by Secret Cravings Publishing on October 17, 2012.


Q1: What is life like for the stars of the book, Wytchfae or faery witch Kelly O’Day and Viking warrior Ingvar Hrothson, before they meet?
A1: Kelly’s job is to transition ghosts to their afterlife. When not busy with that, she’s romping on the beach or out having fun. Drab and gloomy describes Ingvar’s ghostly existence. No wonder he can’t keep his hands off the hot blooded, witchy woman who can actually see and touch him.

Q2: What are Kelly and Ingvar’s favorite foods?
A2: After a hard session transitioning a ghost, Kelly tends to break out the Irish whiskey and chocklot puffs. With her prodding, Ingvar also enjoys the unlikely combo. His favorite treat, however, is gammalost, a well-aged cheese. Kelly calls it stinky cheese.

Q3: Where do Kelly and Ingvar share their first kiss?
A3: In her car. The setting isn’t their choice. The Ghuillie Dhu or Dark Man of the forest plops them there and chemistry takes over.

Q4: If Kelly and Ingvar are so attracted to one another, why can’t they just be together? What’s the hold up?
A4: Several forces work to keep Kelly and Ingvar apart. First, as the recipient of a dark curse, he loathes witches and the use of magic. Second, her job does not allow her to cavort with spirits. Third, for over a thousand years only two things have been on his mind—free his sister and hail vengeance on the evil sorceress responsible for all the trouble. Fourth, some not so nice people have other ideas for Kelly and Ingvar.

Q5: What rune is depicted on the brooch Ingvar wears?
A5: Teiwaz for the Norse god Tyr. Shaped like a vertical arrow, it supported victory in battle and developed into the modern letter ‘T’.

WYTCHFAE RUNES available at Secret Cravings Publishing

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