Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers: What Makes a Great Book Cover?

SCP Author Flossie Benton Rogers:
What Makes a Great Book Cover?

  1. A great book cover draws the reader into the story. It intrigues, compels, and demands to know more. I've heard the "draws in" description several times regarding the cover created by Dawne Dominique for my paranormal romance Wytchfae Runes (WR), a recent release from Secret Cravings Publishing.
  2. The cover artist uses color to depict the mood and tone of the story. Color affects us in a visceral way, just as in real life situations. Hot red revs us up and spells "danger."  The absinthe green hue on the cover of WR denotes mysterious, arcane worlds unseen by human eyes--until now.
  3. An effective cover tells us something about the theme and characters. The WR cover suggests adventure and fantasy. I love the way the artist portrays the hero (strong, sexy) and heroine (witchy, mysterious). 
  4. The cover should provide hints about important elements of the book. Is there a special tree involved? An old house harboring the heroine's secrets? A cat, dog, horse, or other special furry friend? The jagged green lightning on the cover of WR is reminiscent of the etheric energy "scratches" the heroine uses in her craft.
  5. A great cover is pleasing to the eye. I am beyond lucky that Secret Cravings Publishing works with Dawne Dominique to produce such beautiful work. You can see a plethora of gorgeous covers at the SCP website below. 

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  1. This cover does exactly all the things you say it needs to do!! Love it


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