Friday, December 14, 2012

Almost Naked, and For Your Viewing Pleasure

If you've visited my blog before, you know I've waxed poetic on some serious muscles from some super sexy pro-athletes: wrestlers from the WWE.

Wrestler Randy Orton: Almost Naked!

Listen, I thought this show was for men too, until I saw almost naked men sweating and  panting, their bare bodies glistening as their muscles flexed. It's funny how after a fight, the exertion you see on these men looks very similar to the exertion you would encounter after a sweaty hot round of sex. So, is it my fault that I find them so drool worthy? These are the original Alpha men, fighting for dominance. Well, they wouldn't have to fight too hard with us, would they? I would personally just lie down and give up. They win by pinning you. You lose by submitting to them. Uh sure, I 'lost' alright ;) if you say so, don't know why I am smiling then...but I digress. 

Randy Orton is prime example of male athletic hotness for your viewing pleasure. Called the Viper, I am pretty sure you will want him to strike!

John Cena, All American HOT. Yes, and Almost Naked!!

John Cena. All around hero, having performed about 300 plus wishes at Make A Wish Foundation. Hey John, I have a wish too. Mine is from XXX Make A Wish Foundation. There are many in-need females that you could be servicing--er, providing, wishes too. I bet we could keep you busy until the end of the year. You could learn true giving and altruism. Just think about it John.

Hey can I get a ride?

That brings me to Sheamus. World's Sexiest Redhead. No lie. You don't like red heads? Take a look at this one. You could count his freckles all day and connect the dots. He comes with a board game. His skin looks like hard marble, and his proportions are perfect. In fact, take a look at his thighs. Take a look at yourself. Take a look at his thighs. Picture said thighs wrapped tight around yours. You ain't going anywhere. You'll be begging for mercy and tapping out. Begging for something anyway...I'm just saying...

Is it bad when I see wrestler Kofi Kingston,
I want to yell, "Hey, can I be the cream in your coffee?" Lol get it?
Anyway, there is a brief, tantalizing view of some of the WWE's finest. I think you should watch wrestling and see for yourself. Be sure to clean up the drool after.

Thanks for reading everyone
~Chloe Waits
Romance Without Inhibitions
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Chloe Waits does not own any wrestler, nor these photos. Copyright to the holders.


  1. Thanks for dropping by Jean. Looking at men is always fun on Friday....

  2. Great pics! I recently watched a few UFC fights and man I was hooked on some of those guys! Great post :)


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