Monday, December 10, 2012

Hot, Seductive, and...Blind. Meet My New Hero

Ladies, have you ever wanted a man who could take you on an erotic journey you would never forget?

Donovan's Blues Buy Link
Meet Donovan Strait. A sexy, talented blues musician whose other gifts are only apparent off the stage.

Amanda is initially dazzled by Donovan and his music, and hopes to show him how much she loves him, very personally. Until she is learns something she is not prepared for: Donovan is blind. 

Donovan is used to people underestimating him because of his disability. Amanda makes that mistake at first, and he soon teaches her she needs to let go of any preconceived notions she has about blindness. Donovan may not have his sight, but he is able to 'see' a woman more clearly than other men--including all her erotic needs. Using his other heightened senses, he breaks down all her defences and seduces Amanda.

But can she get him to stay longer than a one night stand?

Donovan's Blues is out today at Secret Cravings Publishing, as part of the Special Love Line celebrating differently abled. It's a short story that's long on heat, with a hero you won't forget.


“Are you excited Amanda?”

“Yes,” she whispered. In truth, she was very excited, more so than she could remember being by any man. Any remaining reservations vanished under his expert seduction.

“By me?”

He smiled, already knowing the answer. His voice dropped a few octaves. “You’re wondering what it would be like to be made love to by a man that knows things other men don’t…who can see you with his hands. Who could touch you in ways other men cannot.”

Amanda didn’t answer. She drew shallow breaths as graphic images flitted through her mind. His grip tightened reflexively on her wrist. Sensual awareness flooded Amanda. Her heightened pulse, her uneven respirations told him everything he needed to know, and he read her like an open book, as though her body was braille.

“A lot of men are only interested in what they see in women. What they narrowly define as beauty. With one, lone sense. They don’t appreciate a woman’s voice. The way her breath quickens as her excitement grows. The scent of her arousal. The smell of her perfume when she’s gone. People are meant to be tactile. Do you know the softest part of a woman’s body? Most men would say her thighs. What about the inside of her wrist? The area behind her knee. The underside of her upper arm. The webbing between her fingers and toes…?”

Donovan raised Amanda’s hand, pressing her delicate wrist against his full lips as his fingers laced briefly with hers.

Her skin burned with his touch and sparks lit up along her spine.

“Her lips, the area behind the ear…”

His hand touched her hair, trailing over the earlobe underneath and moving behind the shell of her ear, to Amanda’s sigh. She swore the whorl of his thumb left an imprint on the tender area, scoring it with heat....
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Thanks for reading everyone
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  1. Such a great idea for a story, and the excerpt is great. Congrats on the new release and wishing you many, many sales.

  2. Hey Marie Rose,

    You won a copy of Donovan's Blues!
    I will send it to your email
    thanks and congratulations on winning!


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