Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy two year anniversary to Secret Cravings Publishing!!

We're no longer in the holiday season but when I wrote the title above, I thought immediately about the Frosty the Snowman television show where every time the kids put the magic hat back on him he says, "Happy birthday"- sorry to say but that line in that show annoys me to no end. Even as a kid it grated on my nerves. What about you? Is there a favorite show that you can't watch because of some minor annoyance?

All of the above is apropos of nothing but in a stream of consciousness post,I couldn't resist telling y'all that. And speaking of snowmen and streams of consciousness, that reminds me, it's 78 degrees here in northwest Florida. Who forgot to tell Mom Nature that it's January?

Ahh, happy January. Two years ago, Secret Cravings Publishing opened and has been providing great reads since then to the population. The really cool thing is that it has also gained a stellar reputation during that time. They treat their writers with great respect and I love being one of those lucky devils who get to write for them. I haven't been here since the beginning but I joined the team in February, 2012 - I was giving them time to work out the kinks. Bwhaahaha.

Seriously, I wish the best of anniversaries and birthdays to this wonderful publishing house owned and staffed by some amazing folks. I hope the readers all enjoy the stories already on offer and will keep coming back for more. Have a nibble on a cupcake and enjoy the celebration!

If you need some reading material, check out one of my lil ole stories below:


  1. Happy Birthday SCP! So happy to be part of this publishing family...


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