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The universe amazes Kelly O’Day by gifting her with hot Viking warrior Ingvar Hrothson in my paranormal fantasy romance, Wytchfae Runes. Language is not a barrier for the culturally diverse couple. Kelly’s fae blood gives her the ability to decipher what he’s saying, and Ingvar’s comprehension skills have grown during his years of wandering. Sometimes it’s handy to be a ghost. Imagine Kelly’s surprise, however, to learn that many common English words originated in ancient Norway. Here are just a few:
Steak - After plying her Viking with Irish whiskey and Chocklot Puffs, Kelly later relents and cooks him a steak—rare of course.
Bag - Kelly’s small magical bag given to her by the Swamp Wytch is larger inside than out. That’s lucky when emissaries from other dimensions present her with unwieldy tools such as a bow and quiver and snakeskin cloak.  
Berserk - During his life as a Viking warrior, Ingvar knew the feeling of being a berserker in battle and using fearless enraged instinct to defeat his enemies.
Anger - Ingvar’s flaring anger at the witch who cursed him to walk the earth as a ghost often goads him into reckless action. Kelly soothes his warrior’s spirit so that he can handle situations with more deliberation.
Knife - The knife that Ingvar slips Kelly for protection belongs to one of the thugs who tried to murder them in their sleep. If the couple ever gets out of the mess they’re in, Ingvar wants to buy her a dagger with a jeweled hilt. He’d like to see it strapped to her thigh.
Hell - In the domain of the beautiful Helle, Kelly and Ingvar are served tea by Clark Gable’s double. No amenity is out of reach for the Goddess of the Underworld.
Read more about the commonality of English and Norse at
Wytchfae Runes
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Blurb: Combine one faery witch and one sexy Viking ghost and what do you get? Supernova attraction. Can they evade their enemies long enough to fan the flame?

Opening Line: In a star’s blink, a claw like hand gripped Ingvar’s throat and crushed him against the wall.

One Line Teaser: Kelly had seen Ingvar transform from insubstantial apparition to hot red blooded male.

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  1. Interesting post about some of the origins of words we use every day!!!

  2. Great post...I imagine a lot of our words descend from ancient languages. It only makes sense since things are passed down from generation to generation...Keep up the good work...Tabs

  3. love this post. Lots of neat info!


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