Monday, April 8, 2013

Cathy Greenfeder - Where I Work

 I worked on my earliest writing in libraries and even on the bus. In fact I began writing my first novel, a historical western romance,  in a yellow spiral notebook during my commute by bus from Nutley, New Jersey to my copywriting job at JC Penney in Manhattan. When JC Penney moved out of New York, like several thousand other employees I lost my job. I quickly got another one, but in between I set up my first home office and began to work on the revision of that first novel. My home office quickly cluttered with boxes of research material, files, and reference books.
While I working on revision of that first book, I began a second book. That book later became my paranormal romance novel, Sacred Fires. Over time, I created story boards, bulletin boards, and even objects to inspire my writing. In that attic office I also wrote a third novel, Angels Among Us, and several short stories along with poetry and articles for newsletters. The attic office became my sanctuary for writing, a place I went to early in the morning or late at night.  I kept a flyer which read “Do It Anyway” which was given to me by motivational speaker and published novelist Alice Orr. This adage got me threw some rough early years and is a reminder not to get discouraged and be willing to take writing risks.
            Over the years I retired a few desktop computers. My first laptop gave me the mobility to work in other rooms of my home or outside my home. Today I do more writing in my dining area and some reviewing or editing work in my family area. It all depends on my mood and where I can work without distractions.

Being near the kitchen, it’s easy to get my coffee or tea and the occasional snack my muse craves. She particularly likes frozen peppermint patties and string cheese with crackers.
Since I have a day job as a teacher, I do most of my writing on the weekends, sometimes on weeknights, and a lot of new material during the summer months.
            I like to listen to music which fits the mood of the story. Murphy, my black Labrador Retriever mix, is a constant companion when I’m home, and he is an attentive audience when I read parts of my stories aloud. I share my home with my husband and our young adult son who’s been helpful with critiques on writing combat scenes.
            I’ve also learned that I can write wherever I need to given the tools to write and an active imagination including the library, the local Starbucks, and the park. After all if I can write a draft of a novel on a crowded commuter bus, I can write in a lot of different place, but there’s no place like home. LOL
Catherine Greenfeder is a multi-published and an award winning author. She published two books, Sacred Fires and Angels Among Us, both paranormal romance novels, with
Secret Cravings Publishing. Catherine is currently working on several writing projects including a young adult paranormal and a paranormal novella romance.

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  1. I enjoyed your post, Catherine. I live in New Jersey, too. It's a good idea to work near the coffee. I do the same.

    All the best:)


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