Sunday, April 28, 2013

Where I Work - Jean Joachim

I used to work on the kitchen table but the call of food was too tempting. So I moved to the tiny desk in my son’s room. I have just enough space for my laptop, a gooseneck lamp and a few odds and ends, like my notebook. While this is where I type my novels, the real work is done somewhere else.
Where do I really work? I work in my mind. When I’m walking to the drug store or on my way to workout, I’m thinking about my stories.  I may be working out a plot dilemma for a current book or be lost in the backstory of a new novel. I call this “noodling”, giving the story the “brain time” it needs for developing the characters and perfecting the plot. Working out my stories in my head means I can work anytime, any place.
My favorite place to “noodle”? Walking my pug, Homer, in Central Park. Homer is my muse. So many plot problems have been solved when in the park with Homer. I talk to him, too, and he’s an excellent listener!
People think I write my books super fast, but that’s not true. A story can be kicking around in my head for months before its written. Spending time noodling means when I’m ready to write, much of the story is thought out and flows quickly onto the printed page.
If you pass me on the street, call out my name and I don’t respond, please don’t take offense. I’m not snubbing you, I’m lost in thought, transported away to Willow Falls or Pine Grove or a beach far away. I’m noodling and I hope you understand.


  1. This is the way I write also. However, sometimes my stories last many years in my head before I write them. Your "noodling" certainly keeps your mind active with great stories.

  2. I need to come to NYC and walk Homer-- it's so true and that's what I'm missing- I did that- brainstorming for my first 5 books- now I swear my brain doesn't want to storm as much.

  3. Would you believe, it's when I'm at the kitchen sink!!! :-)

  4. Geez... that Homer! Such a plot builder and what a great companion!

    I can picture him sprawled out on the sofa, listening to you talk too... lol

  5. Loved the interview! Love Jean and Homer!


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