Monday, April 15, 2013

Where I Work - Lena Hart

A few weeks ago, I lost my desk – and keyboard – to papers, books, mail, pens, pencils (yes, I still keep those around) and more paper. I literally couldn’t write for months with all that clutter. And that physical clutter was fast becoming mental clutter. I knew I needed to purge my office space if I wanted to get the inspiration flowing back and writing with a clearer mind.

So one weekend and three trash bags later, I found my desk again. I reorganized and claimed my writing space back. It was refreshing and exciting to see my desk – and keyboard – again. I found myself getting “butt in chair” more often than I have in months and I now look forward to more writing time with my newfound space.

**Though my desk is finally clutter-free, I always have close at hand:
·      My writing journals
·      GMC by D. Dixon
·      Synonym Finder by J.I. Rodale
·      Post-its
·      Desk calendar
·      Water bottle
·      Inspiration!

Lena Hart’s debut novella, BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME, is currently available and her next novella, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE will be released by Secret Cravings Publishing this March. To learn more about Lena and her work, visit or find her rambling at   


  1. Good job Lena! Keep getting "butt in chair"

  2. I always find I write a lot better with a clean space. Even my house needs to be somewhat clean before the ideas start to flow.


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