Monday, May 6, 2013

Animal Rights at the Rodeo


Meet Rachel Fox, heroine of THE BULL RIDER AND THE BARE BOYCOTTER. Rachel, an animal rights activist, gets attention for her cause by running naked in front a bucking bull, while 10,000 angry rodeo fans watch.

Rachel’s from Brooklyn, NY, a borough full of passionate people.  When we first meet her, she’s had a tough year: her mother died, her boyfriend left, and she learns she’s infertile.  To top it all off, she just lost her job caring for bovines at the Brooklyn Zoo.

Taking advice from her Aunt Bess, an activist from way back -- “A good, old-fashioned cause always gets a woman’s mind off her problems” -- Rachel decides to go west.  Having cared for bulls for many years, she’s convinced that bull riding abuses those
animals.  Spurs cut hides, bull ropes chafe and electronic prods damage nervous systems.  She’s on a mission to improve things for the bulls, and to keep her mind off her troubles.

With her long dark hair, big brown eyes and olive skin, Rachel looks a lot like Kim Kardashian but with a lot less attitude and a bigger rear end.  While in Brooklyn Rachel is considered full figured, at the rodeo, she fits in perfectly.

Then Rachel runs naked in front of Logan Cooper’s bull and she meets her match.  Sparks fly between the handsome cowboy and the bare boycotter, except she’s trying to shut down the rodeo and he’s not going to let her.

Book Description:
Animal right activist Rachel Fox is a woman with a mission. The plan is to step into bull rider Logan Cooper’s ring wearing nothing but a poster calling the rodeo a ‘blood sport’. While rescuing this passionate protester from a nineteen hundred pound charging bull Logan decides he likes what he sees. Only problem, he’s got to direct Rachel’s love away from the livestock and onto him. With the press hot on their heels, because who isn’t interested in a story about a bull rider and a naked protester, Logan brings the dark haired, curvy figured Brooklynite to his Montana ranch.
Except, now that he’s got Rachel in his bed he’s nervous his annoying, problematic brothers and surly preteen nephew will scare her off. But when Rachel meets Logan’s deeply flawed family she realizes the bulls aren’t the only ones who need saving, the Cooper brothers need her help too. The only problem is Rachel has a secret, after believing she was infertile, it turns out that this sexy bull rider may have changed her childless fate forever.


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  1. Ooh, you've left us hanging here, Jean! Sounds like a great story!


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