Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Soundtrack- Morgan Wyatt

Summer Soundtrack

Ever wonder why there are so many movies, book and song titles that use the word, summer?  Those of us in the Snowbelt often fantasize about summer while stuck knee high in snowdrifts. Teen movies often feature random hot nights, beautiful girls in convertibles, and impulsive decisions that lead to combustible, tire squealing conclusions. 

If the Baby New Year arrives on the stroke of midnight of the New Year, then summer must be the muscular adult version of the Baby New Year. All grown up and ready to hit the road, stroll the beaches, and fall in love. Summer allows us to do things we wouldn’t in the dark days of winter. 
We laugh more, stay up later, and often fall in love all over again. There's always a music sound track to accompany our warm holiday memories. It could range from steel band music to country ballads. There are hundreds of songs with summer in the title or mention summer in the lyrics.

Here’s a list of my favorite summer songs.

1.       Summer in the City-Loving Spoonful
2        Summer of 69-Bryan Adams

         (This capture the possibilities that only exists with summer.)
3.       All Summer Long-Kid Rock

         (Imagery describes a Midwest summer perfectly.)
4.       Summer Girl-LFO

        (Maybe not actually my favorite, but because my middle son sang it endlessly it

        is tattooed on my memory.)

5.     My all-time favorite is the searing vocal rendition of Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald that exemplifies both
         the longing and promise that summer creates.

Tell me your summer favorite and why.

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