Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Matter of Trust- Dilys J Carnie - First Chapter

A Matter Of Trust

The rain had made the roads slick and he berated his choice of transport on this hot damp day. His classic 1962 BSA Scrambler held the road, the two wheels gripping the road at every turn. However his black leather jacket along with his blue jeans were hardly appropriate for the sudden drenching he was getting.
Tyler rounded the corner, which took him to his bed and breakfast, when the back end of an old red Mustang appeared before him. The next thing he knew he was lying on the wet ground the engine of his bike revving out of control as it hydroplaned across the road before it came to a stop at the other side of the road. He lay there for a second thanking God he was still alive as he pulled off his helmet brushing his fingers through his hair.
He stood. A little shaky, but able to walk he immediately moved toward the car. His fire-fighting/paramedic training took over as he limped over to the old car. He didn’t know what he expected, but the sight of a woman with her hands covering her face made his heart beat jump a few fast beats.
Shit, what had he done? The car was just stopped on the side of the road, but he should have seen it.
As he reached the driver’s side of the car he leaned down to knock on the window, his heart lurched at the sight before him. A woman sat behind the wheel her head resting on the steering wheel. A sweep of long blonde hair fell like a veil obscuring his view of her face.
“Ma’am?” He knocked on the window, yet she didn’t move, his heart rate tripled as he gently opened the door leaning down into the car to touch her shoulder.
“Ma’am, are you okay?” He felt her muscles tense under his touch, so he knew at least she was breathing.
Slowly she raised her head looking at him, shakily the ground shifted beneath him. She was beautiful, her small round face was as white as a sheet of paper, still it was her eyes trapping his gaze. Turquoise…deep turquoise framed with the longest darkest eyelashes he had ever seen. Stunning! She unclipped her seatbelt, swinging her jean-clad legs—long legs—out. He stepped back offering his hand which she promptly ignored.
She was evidently upset, her eyes were wide as she pushed back her long straight bangs with shaking fingers as she walked to the back of her car. She bent down to trail her fingers along the chrome bumper where there was a decidedly large dent. Her well-worn jeans fit her ass like a glove, not too skinny but peachy, two globes which would definitely fill his palms and more.
Jesus. Shaking himself from his obvious craziness after falling off his bike, he held out his hand to touch her again. “I’m so sorry, are you—”
“What the hell do you think you’re doing? Look at my car.

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