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On the Road with SCP- The Scarlet Bond- Tamsin Flowers

The Scarlet Bond
(The Vampire Bond Trilogy Book 2)

Tamsin Flowers

On the run after killing clan leader Etienne Corbeau, beautiful young vampire Willow Jackson finds sanctuary in Miami with her lover, Corbeau’s wife Elouise. But their hard-won freedom can’t last—when Elouise is snatched by a rival vampire clan, Willow is forced to confront a terrifying truth. The only chance to retrieve Elouise lies in raising Etienne from the dead. As his killer, she alone can perform the ritual—but how will her former lover, indeed the very man who made her a vampire, react when he’s resurrected?

Forced to seek help from a lover she can’t trust, attacked by a vampire she created and endangering the life of her mentor, Willow is in a race against time to rescue her soul-mate from the evil Rakim Argent and his clan. Friends become enemies, enemies become lovers and as the situation spirals out of control, Willow doesn’t know who to trust…

The Scarlet Bond is the continuing story which started with the first book of The Vampire Bond Trilogy, The Crimson Bond. The Crimson Bond tells how Willow is first seduced and then transformed into a vampire by the irresistible Etienne Corbeau—and how she goes on to form a bond with his beautiful wife, Elouise.

Excerpts from The Scarlet Bond

Excerpt 1

If the sign on the door said closed, the message didn't appear to have been taken on board inside Nosferatu's Bar. In flickering candlelight, amid dancing shadows, four bodies entwined, writhing in time to a throbbing beat that threatened to blast the speakers off the wall. Two women and two men caught up in the drunken moment when dancing turns into something else—something purposeful, elemental, which no longer depends on the music for its rhythm.

But Willow Jackson hadn't drank any alcohol. She had a thirst of a different nature. She sank her teeth into the tan skin at the base of the blond man's neck, laughing as the first taste of blood bubbled into her greedy mouth. The man bucked and moaned but she distracted him from the pain of her bite by rubbing a hand across the front of his groin. He was well endowed, growing bigger as she touched. A pair of arms encircled her waist from behind. Small, familiar hands undid the top of her leather shorts. Elouise Day, her vampire lover, had already drunk blood from the blond man's friend—now she turned her attention to Willow's pleasure.

Weak from blood loss, the blond staggered back onto a banquette, as his friend slumped down onto the beer-spattered floor. Without losing suction on his neck, Willow released his cock from his pants while Elouise helped her out of her shorts. She straddled the man, wet enough to impale herself on his impressive erection with ease—only at the moment of full penetration did she gasp and lose her grip on his throat. Immediately Elouise's mouth attached to the wound in the man's neck as she swooped onto the banquette beside them. Bereft of her blood source, Willow scrambled to pull up Elouise's T-shirt so she could latch onto her lover's breasts instead. Beneath them, the man grunted, thrusting his hips as Willow pumped up and down on his cock.

She sucked hard on Elouise's nipples, pulling at them with her teeth in the full knowledge the pain would make her lover bite down harder on the man's neck. She watched a trail of blood trickle down his chest from where Elouise tore at his flesh as she silenced his scream by placing one of her hands across his mouth. If he'd understood his predicament, he would have had the sense to bite her wrist to suck out as much blood as he could take—a way to grab immortality for himself. But Willow and Elouise were careful who they invited to their after-hours sessions, spiking their victims’ drinks before the bar closed to ensure co-operation. Instead, Willow felt the blond’s back stiffening. He pushed his hips up hard against hers as his most memorable-ever orgasm ripped through him.

When Elouise's fingers started working on her clit, Willow could feel the burgeoning pleasure of her own orgasm on the horizon. A divine throb that would spread through every nerve and muscle of her body, building and intensifying until she surrendered completely… But on the verge of surrender, a loud splintering crack pulled her back from the brink.

"What the fuck?"

She grabbed Elouise by her short peroxide hair to yank her off the man's neck. Elouise shrieked, turning to her with a look of fury.

"There's someone here," said Willow as Elouise's anger turned to shock—followed closely by fear.

Together they tumbled off the banquette, leaving the semi-comatose man to slump over to one side, his blood soaking invisibly into the red velvet upholstery.

"It can't be Etienne, can it?" said Willow, dragging on her shorts.

Elouise shook her head.

"No one can wake Etienne from the dead but you or I."

But the splintering noise continued, followed by shouts as the outer door gave way and crashed back against the wall. Willow ran to the bar and grabbed a bottle to defend herself with. As she turned back, the inner door burst open. Dark figures poured into the room, but in the flickering candlelight Willow could see the glint of metal. The men were armed with guns and blades. One of them carried a silver stake, making her blood run cold. She backed up until she stood next to Elouise, pressed against the bar.

"There's no money here," said Elouise. Her mouth and chin were still red with blood.

Her voice held steady but only because she thought they were being robbed. If she'd seen the stake, Willow knew there would have been a tremor of fear. She grasped Elouise's wrist. Elouise glanced at her.

"They're not here for cash." She nodded toward the man with the stake.

Elouise gasped.

"Very perceptive." The speaker towered over them, his close-cropped silver hair and shorn black beard making his age hard to determine. "Elouise?"

Elouise's head jerked up like a puppet on a string.

"Take her," he barked.

Four men had piled through the door behind him. From their eyes and their demeanor Willow felt sure they were all vampires. With the leader in the center, they stepped forward in unison, guns and machetes raised as they closed in.

Excerpt 2

As she spoke, Willow became aware of Etienne's eyes upon her. He moved closer to the bed, his breath rasping in his throat.

"I'm yours."

Those two little words gave Willow the power she needed. A second later, Etienne's weight crushed her back against the mattress. His hands tore away her dirty T-shirt before he scraped her jeans down her thighs, still done up. Overwhelmed by desire once more, she could hardly breathe. The feeling transported her back to when Etienne had first come to her in her room in Santa Fe. She plunged her hands into his dark hair, hardly daring to believe it was genuinely him, rather than another dream. But his hands on her body were as real as anything, raking her skin, clutching her breasts and forcing entry between her legs. She kicked her jeans off her ankles so she could open her thighs for him, not caring that he still wore the mud-stained clothes she'd found his body the night before. She pulled up his shirt and the buttons ripped away easily from the rotten fabric. Her mouth found his neck to kiss and bite. A familiar taste flooded her mouth. She felt the same hard body under her hands. She gasped.

As Etienne plunged into her. he took hold of her throat with one hand. She felt his breath on her neck, his teeth on her earlobe.

"You don't need Elouise," he whispered. His voice sounded inside her head again. "We could be together without her."

He grunted as he rammed into her again and again.

"She's always wanted Rakim Argent."

Etienne's grip tightened on her throat. Willow put her hand on his shoulders, pushing back against him as hard as she could.

"No…I don't believe you."

"It's true," said Etienne.

His thrusts came faster and Willow felt her own climax closing in. When he let go of her neck and pushed his hand down between them to find her clit, she soared. Only Etienne could take her this far outside herself. She tumbled into an oblivion of twisted nerve endings and for the first time in a year, she felt she'd come home. Finally, things were as they were meant to be.

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About Tamsin Flowers
Tamsin Flowers loves to write light-hearted erotica, often with a twist in the tail/tale and a sense of fun.  In the words of one reviewer, 'Ms Flowers has a way of describing sexual tension that forces itself upon your own body.' Her stories have appeared in a wide variety of anthologies. She has now graduated to novellas and novels - The Vampire Bond trilogy is her first series but she has several more planned in her head!  In the meantime, like most erotica writers, she finds herself working on at least ten stories at once: while she figures out whose leg belongs in which story, you can find out more about her at Tamsin's Superotica or Tamsin Flowers.

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