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On the Road with SCP- Stranded- Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Ashley Carpenter’s husband often keeps their sex life creative with carefully planned erotic adventures. When Ashley playfully calls him boring, Joey ups the ante by planning a weekend that she’ll never forget.
Instead of following the path of sexy scenarios that he laid out for her, Ashley unknowingly carves her own trail from one steamy scene to another. By the time she stumbles back onto Joey’s itinerary, she begins to wonder how many of the men she has played with, if any, were even part of the original plan.
Ashley convinces herself that deep down her hunky hubby planned every detail of the erotic weekend and that he will pop up any minute to spring the “surprise.”
When she finally meets up with Joey, her world is literally rocked upside down. She discovers that he isn’t in on as much of the wild weekend as she initially thought.

Excerpt 1
I opened one eye to the painfully bright sunlight that poured through the vertical blinds. It immediately caused me to squint. Instinctively, I tried to cover my eyes with my hand and panic set in when I realized that I couldn’t move.
Despite the bright light forcing itself on me, I opened both eyes wide and actually felt my heart skip a beat. My arms were pulled up over my head and my wrists were restrained tightly. There was a window to my left and the sunlight was pouring in through the open curtains.
Where the fuck am I? I begged myself for an answer, trying to make sense of it all.
I wanted to scream but realized that I couldn’t even do that. A medicinal taste coated my tongue and even more panic set in as I realized that I had been tied up and gagged, lying face down naked on a bed in a strange room with no idea how I had arrived there.
I turned my head away from the window and peeked over my right shoulder to see a set of mirrored closet doors. Looking at my reflection, I realized that I was not naked, I was wearing black striped thigh-high stockings and high heeled shoes that I had never seen before.
I knew it was futile, but I screamed into the plastic ball in my mouth anyway. I screamed and I cried but there was no one around to hear me.
There is no one around. I guess that’s better than actually having someone there. Think Ash, think. What’s the last thing that you remember?
I bent my arms as much as I could and tried to pull my wrists down towards my head. It was no use. The padded cuffs were connected to a nylon strap and looped through the headboard of the bed. My feet were bound as well with similar restraints on each ankle. I couldn’t see what they were strapped to at first, but then soon realized that each time I pulled my arms, I felt a tight squeeze on my ankles. Someone had gone to great lengths to cleverly secure me to that bed. But who?
I tried to wipe the cloud from my mind and retrace my steps to see if I could solve the mystery. All of a sudden a new light hit me, this time however, the light was the proverbial illumination you get in a moment of clarity.

Excerpt 2

I looked at Marcus with a pouty expression on my face, biting my lower lip and flashing him sad puppy dog eyes.
“Miss Ashley loves it like that,” I said, not knowing the can of worms that I had just opened. “But we have to ease into it.”
Oh shit. I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth. I couldn’t help it though. I was so fully consumed with my little freak show that I wanted the full treatment.
I hopped off of the couch and slid the oval-shaped ottoman towards the window so Joey could watch the rest of the show. I laid back and grabbed the first cock I could reach, taking it in my mouth. I could taste myself on it and assumed that it was the rigid pole that I just left on the couch. I supposed that at that time it could have been any of them. I was sure that all seven of them had been inside me at that point. As I lay there sucking on the man, now kneeling in front of me, one of the bigger guys laid on top of me, crushing me into the cushion. He could see that he was too heavy to lay his weight on me and rolled us over, repositioning me on top of himself.
It was only a matter of seconds before he found his way back inside me. After a couple minutes I felt the familiar pressure against my puckered ass and held my breath. I was surprised that it took someone that long after I had just announced to the whole world that Ashley Carpenter likes it in the ass. I held still on my knees for a second to get comfortable and this time around whoever was back there was much more gentle. The two men alternated strokes in and out of me, working up a serious friction against the thin wall that separated their throbbing cocks. Once I could comfortably accommodate them both, they bounced into me so hard that they almost knocked my wig off.
The rest of the guys surrounded the plush pedestal and I looked up as they knelt all around me. It felt like they were worshipping me. I was elated at the thought of being the center of so much attention. They traded places over and over until a pounding on the door interrupted the ceremony. The knock on the door didn’t stop the man whose thick shaft was still buried in my backside though. He was getting ready to unload the full sack that he had been slapping into me. One of the guys wrapped in a towel turned the music down and the sole sound left in the room was the grunting from behind me as he filled my ass with a giant load of hot come. He held my waist tightly as his cock twitched and jumped until he completely emptied his spent sack and then with a snap of his hips, he gave me one more thrust that sent me tumbling forward onto the chest of his buddy beneath me.
Marcus opened the door and Eddie, the rude hotel security guard, stepped in. This time he brought a friend.
“I’m sorry, Joe,” Marcus said, as the lights came up.
“Marcus, Marcus. You’re killing me man. I know this is Vegas baby, but we do have other guests. You have to keep it down. I’ve been getting complaints from people all night.”
Did he just say Joe?
I looked up and saw the hotel manager standing inside the doorway with that stupid security guard. I noticed the managers name tag and felt a knot in my throat again.
Was this the ‘Joe’ that Marcus referred to all along? Does he even know Joey? Oh fuck. Oh fuck, Oh fuck!

Elle Evans (Bio)

Elle is a writer and a creative director. She is a member of the Graphic Artist's Guild and the American Society of Media Photographers.

She has written and edited advertising copy for multiple clients since 2002, but contrary to her collegues' opinions, she thinks that most advertising copy is boring. While most advertising copy is also fiction, Elle believes that if you are going to tell stories, you may as well make them juicy!

While drawing on life experiences for the basis of most of her characters, people watching throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast has provided an interesting cache of great personalities to keep the wheels spinning.

Elle is an avid sailor and often reverts to an "old school" writing approach with a yellow legal pad on the trampoline of her catamaran.  (She says that it's a lot easier to deal with a $3 notebook going overboard than a Macbook!)

Since 2011, she has been a member of the Writers Guild of America, East and has written scripts for animation and commercial voice over, including training videos and commercials for both television and radio.
 Elle is a connoisseur of fine tequilas and shortly after the publication of Stranded; she was made an honorary Ambassador for Asombroso.

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