Friday, August 8, 2014

Character Interview- Now and Forever- Jean Joachim

Star heroine of the NOW AND FOREVER series, Callie Caldwell, interviews her big sister, Sarah Morgan, from The Renovated Heart.

Callie: Hi, Sarah. I’m taking over for Adora Smutz today.  Adora is out trying to get a date with one of Jean’s heroes. Good luck with that, Adora! Welcome, Sarah. Have a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant.
Sarah: Hi, Callie. (plays with her paper napkin.)
Callie: No reason to be nervous…I’m not Adora.
Sarah: But you’re a bloodhound, Sis.
Callie: Stop calling me that or I’ll use the questions Adora left me!
Sarah: Okay, okay, sorry. Let’s get this over with.
Callie: What made you decide to come to Willow Falls?
Sarah: You did!
Callie: Oh, yeah. Scratch that. How do you like Willow Falls?
Sarah: It’s a beautiful town, so many lovely old Victorian homes.
Callie: Nice neighbors, too, right? *wiggles her eyebrows*.
Sarah: *blushes*, you should know. You picked that house because it was next to Jim’s , didn’t you?
Callie:  The thought did cross my mind for a minute…I mean, he’s an English professor and you’re a writer. Maybe you’d have something in common…
Sarah: You did it to fix me up, didn’t you? You’re such a little matchmaker.
Callie: Well…maybe, just a teensy bit…
Sarah (laughs): Fess up, Sis!
Callie: I knew Jim couldn’t resist a sexy lady like you living next door.
Sarah: Callie!
Callie: And was I right?
Sarah: Oh yes.

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