Saturday, August 23, 2014

Reunited by Chance- Charon Brindley Katana

Happy Release Day Sharon Brindley Katana
Patricia Polanski begins her career as a paralegal in the second largest law firm in Manhattan. It doesn’t take long for this young compassionate girl to fall in love with two males, one a big floppy-eared Great Pyrenese mutt and the other the famous criminal lawyer/infamous office rogue, Tyson Warren.

Patricia’s libido spikes when she  works with the irresistible attorney on the firm’s latest homicide case. She not only loses her virtue but her heart when she discovers that Ty is a considerate and caring mentor. He allows Trish to bring her dog to work on weekends and even bonds with the playful mutt. His obvious affection for Chance melts her heart.

A torrid, irresistible affair unfolds amidst the legal tomes. Trish is helpless to resist Ty’s advances and sexual magnetism.  When their relationship hits a snag before they realize the depth of their emotions, will Chance be able to bring the pair back together?

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