Friday, August 22, 2014

The Doll SHoppe Murders- H N Sieverding

Role playing as a doll in the stage show, The Doll Shoppe, Alicia is in for more than just wearing an uncomfortable get-up and stage make-up. There, she meets Caesar, a man that would soon push his way into her life. After witnessing him kill the cast of The Doll Shoppe, Alicia sides with him to dodge the same fate. But Caesar doesn’t let her go, and pulls her into his world. A world she had been on the losing end of. Because not only is Caesar a professional hit-man, he’s the grandson of mob boss, Andreas Rossen. Her family owes a huge debt to the Rossen’s, Alicia knowing she could lose everything, including her family, if she angers Caesar. But then there’s Levi. The handsome cop she’s been in love with for years that suddenly develops romantic interests her as well. Will she stay with Caesar, or will she stand up to him, and risk losing everything?

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