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Meet Cassidy Copper- From the Bull Rider Wears Pink - Jeanine Mc Adam

My name is Cassidy Cooper.  I am from THE BULL RIDER WEARS PINK but I’m also mentioned in THE BULL RIDER AND THE BARE BOYCOTTER & THE BULL RIDER AND THE BABY.  In those two books my brothers Logan and Caleb don’t think very highly of me.  But I had some complicated things going on in my life and in THE BULL RIDER WEARS PINK I tell my story.  Hopefully the readers won’t judge me too harshly because I did make some really bad decisions but I had my reasons.

How did you come to your author’s attention?
I came to Jeanine’s attention because my thirteen-year-old son Kevin was being cared for by my brother’s Logan and Caleb in the first two books of the series. (BTW – our three stories are called THE SKIRTS AND THE SPURS TRIOLOGY) Kevin was doing poorly in school, misbehaving and driving Logan nuts.  Most of that was because he was angry at me for not being there for him.  But, there’s a happy ending to our story.  We rebuild our relationship.  REMEMBER my story is complicated and please don’t judge me until you’ve read THE BULL RIDER WEARS PINK from cover to cover.

Did you give your author a hard time when she was writing your story?
Yes, absolutely!  Mine is a story of redemption.  As I’m sure you can tell I didn’t start out as a very likeable character.  (What mother leaves her son with her brother’s?)   It was very hard for Jeanine to explain my behavior and then to make me into a likeable character.  In most romance novels the heroine is a woman the reader can relate to.  However, that wasn’t the case with me.  I really appreciated Jeanine understanding that I was a young mother, overwhelmed by my responsibilities and I made some really bad decisions. 

What do you do for a living?
(Takes a deep breath).  Right after Kevin was born I tried to become an actress (remember I just spoke about bad decisions), then I became an undercover cop (yes, another personality flaw of mine is that I’m reckless – I like adventure) now I’m a bull rider.  But the great part about being a female bull rider is that my son Kevin is traveling the circuit with me this summer.  We are bonding.

Who is the love of your life?
(Another deep breath).  John Risk.  Yes, even his name sounds reckless and rash.  I knew that and tried not to love him.  I even left L.A. to get away from him.  But there was no sanctuary at the rodeo.  He and I needed to face each other and work out the conditions of this love we have.

What’s your greatest fear?
The readers won’t give me a chance.  They will judge me because I was a bad mother.  But I changed in THE BULL RIDER WEARS PINK.  Maybe I’m not the most conventional mother but I am a good mother to my son and I hope Jeanine’s readers will appreciate and respect my journey.

Will we be seeing you in future books?
Yes, Jeanine is writing a novella about our other brother Shane.  He was a solider and seriously hurt in Afghanistan.  That story is about his painful recovery both physically and emotionally and how he falls for his physical therapist.  Kevin and I go to visit him at the rehabilitation facility.


Ex-undercover cop Cassidy Cooper always dreamed of becoming a bull rider and competing against the men.  But more importantly she needs to rebuild her relationship with her thirteen-year-old son now that she’s home and done working the beat. 

Things get tangled when John Risk, Cassidy’s former partner and lover, comes back on the scene working undercover on the rodeo circuit while trying to infiltrate a prescription drug ring. But are those John's only intentions? Besides busting the pushers it seems John is determined to convince Cassidy she is the woman he wants forever.

With danger and desire threatening to spin out of control, can Cassidy find room in her heart and her life to let John in once again? And…is there really a way for her to have it all? Conquer the toughest bulls, beat the top notch men and ultimately find the happiness she craves for her life?



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