Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Never Coming Home- Paloma Beck

I have a story to tell, a story I promised never to share. But now… now I just can’t keep it inside anymore… now that they’re both gone, I have to tell my story.

Rachel, the matriarch of the Porter family and a romance writer who prefers written words to speaking, sits around the kitchen table with her sons and recounts her life. From her high school graduation to her marriage after a series of tragic losses, these moments have defined the woman Rachel has become.

Rachel has told her sons her belief in soul mates since they were small children, but what she hasn’t told them was that their father wasn’t her soul mate. Sometimes life doesn’t allow you what you most desire. Still, she has no regrets. Rachel is happy, content and grateful for her family. Now she wants just one thing to be complete – for each of her sons to return home and discover their soul mates.

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