Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Arrival - Janelle Lee

Amy Barrett’s arrival in Rainbow Falls was supposed to be as simple as it was short. She was to arrive, conduct her business and leave again. But with most best laid plans hers hit a snag from the outset. Stuck in a town she couldn’t find on her map she didn’t seem to be able to find her way out again either.

Her arrival has the local’s interest peaked and when she accidently runs over a dog she comes face to face with the handsome veterinarian Craig. The last thing she needs is an over confident, over bearing man to shake her.

Craig, a popular man with the townspeople, uses every means to spend time with Amy much to Amy’s continuing chagrin who in turn does everything in her power to steer clear of him.

The townspeople seeing a possible good match between the two conspire to keep her in town.

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