Monday, September 22, 2014

Traced- K.J. Winters

All life had been restored to both the human and vampire world. Jade and Tristan, had returned together to the Shadow Night Clan to restore old order and lead them in peace. Grant, went on about his duties and Nonny had returned to Lewiston, Idaho, and her normal…human…lonely life. Or so, they all thought…
Jade and Nonny meet as planned several weeks later. Their friendship was a bond of sisterhood that no life force could steal from them. Nonny had a secret that both scared and warmed her heart. While in Paris with Jade, she had met Grant, Tristan’s best friend. Everything that happened between them felt like the choice hadn’t even been theirs. It was love at first sight and two souls connected in body and mind. A child now grew within her.
Grant must trace his past to unlock the mystery to who he really is and the mystery behind their child Nonny carries. 

Sweet Cravings Publishing

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