Thursday, October 9, 2014

Love in a Black Lagoon - Allee Mae

Full of mystery Pearl hitchhiked into Owen’s life. He saw the timid girl underneath the toughness and felt love where Morgan left a broken heart. However, they both had difficult pasts, filled with dangerous secrets, including murder.  Could they trust their pasts would stay buried?
A supposed monster attacked people in the quiet area of Caddo Lake. When the creature finally killed, it demanded attention. An inquisitive local reached out to the Critter Getters for help cracking the myth.  How was Pearl connected to this creature of the black lagoon? Did she control the vengeance roiling beneath the murky waters? Would she be accused of another homicide?
When Owen is hurt, Pearl is a prime suspect, but could she really control lightning, as well as the strange creature of the lake? All gets more complicated when Morgan shows up, professing love and demanding answers.  Will Owen ever remember what happened?

Sweet Cravings Publishing

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