Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Red Vest- J.E. Wiseman

Happy Release Day J.E. Wiseman

Fed up with his dead-end job in a hardware store, Chester walks out and takes the bus from Bayonne, New Jersey to New York. Feeling desperate for romance, he sees a red vest in a store window and imagines how dapper he'd look and how sexy women would desire him. He has to have it, but doesn't have enough money, and though it's too tight on him, he decides to steal it. Feeling transformed, Chester  meets Wilma in a dingy bar and though she isn't the girl of his fantasies, he becomes Charles, a real estate tycoon to impress her. Both are drunk and eager for romance, but when she invites him back to her apartment, they are caught in a down pour and arrive drenched where, in their awkwardness, we see their lonely lives unravel in a hilarious, poignant and ultimately romantic way that will warm your heart.

Secret Cravings Publishing

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