Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thanks For Giving - Jillian Chantal

Molly Touchstone and Chip French were high school sweethearts who broke off their exclusive relationship when he moved to another state when they were in their junior year. Chip visited his grandparents periodically and would see Molly when he was in town. They completely lost touch their freshman year of college, leaving Molly broken-hearted when Chip didn’t return to visit any longer.
Ten years later, Chip has moved back to town and now has a medical degree. An oncology intern, he’s on a quest to find a bone marrow donor for one of their friends from school who has leukemia. In the process of finding this donor, Chip asks Molly to be tested to see if she’s a match.
Molly’s feelings for Chip are rekindled but when he comes around, she seems to make him angry. Afraid to risk her heart again, she bristles each time they come into contact. 

Sweet Cravings Publishing

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