Thursday, December 4, 2014

Immortal Souls- B.A. Knight

With Alec being the best assassin ever created, hunting down the hardest target he and Duncan has ever had, it’s no longer about money but principle. Unknown to them their target is their very own Lillian.
While Lillian is trying to outmaneuver her lovers and keep them from discovering she still works for Mr. Barlow, she is trying to protect them and hunt down Lyris, the sexy Siren that wants the souls of Lillian’s lovers.
Lyris proves to be a great challenge for Lillian, the sexual tension that grows between the two every time they met face to face makes it hard for these two frienemies to obtain their end goal.
With Alec and Duncan chasing down Lillian, Lillian hunting down Lyris and Lyris is after Duncan and Alec, how many secrets will be uncovered, how many lies will be told? Lillian’s life will once again change for an eternity.

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