Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ladies Man- Cherie Denis

Ladies man, Dr. Mike Martin depends on his surgical nurse, Tracy Willow. Now, after five years, he’s become aware of her. The more he works with her, the more he wants her. Thinking about her is driving his body wild. What should he do?  
The office nurse, Gwen, knocks Mike’s world off kilter when she informs him, Tracy is crazy about him. It seems unlikely, because other than a blush now and then, she is always professional.
During a simple surgery Tracy faints. After office hours Mike checks Tracy and finds she’s running a temperature. Mike exams her throat. She has a bad case of tonsillitis.
Mike sends Tracy to an ENT, then home to rest. Later in the day he delivers her medications. He is infuriated when he discovers Tracy cooking lunch for her brother.
Against his better judgment the playboy is in love.
Can Tracy love a Ladies Man?

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